Prime Star HR Blog Latest Products Thu, 01 Jun 2023 18:31:37 +0530 en-us 10 points Why Human Resources Are Essential For Every Organisation Mon, 20 Dec 2021 12:37:49 +0530 For every company to thrive smoothly, it is quite essential that the employee’s recruitment, financial requirements, grievances, and resignations should be handled by the human resources team. It may seem like a department with limited responsibilities. But, only a human resource team is the back-bone in handling crises and involved in the smooth functioning of a company or business. The tiny but crucial details of an employee are handled by the human resource team. In this article let us shed some light on the functionalities of a human resource department. Staffing Consultation: The foremost and most important role of a human resource team is that an organisation relies on them for hiring new candidates. This is done to maintain the manpower adequacy in the company. These days many employment consultancies are handed this job for stress-free work culture. The entire recruitment process can be handled by an external agency. Financial Benefits: The human resources team is assigned the task of ensuring the financial benefits of the company's employees. Beginning with monthly payments, bonuses, yearly leaves, sick leaves, travel allowances, etc. the human resource team handles all. The medical health benefits for any illness of the employee or his family members are also the responsibility of this department. Employee Resignation: The resignation of employees is a common feature in every company. But, the storage and maintenance of important documents regarding the identity, performance, and conduct of the employee are under the care of human resource. This is done to avoid any unexpected query from a designated authority following any untoward incident.   Hikes For Suitable Candidates: There could be some good performers in the company who need attention and hikes. In many instances, it is seen that ignoring them has resulted in getting their resignation and moving out for a better job. Here, once again the human resource plays a major role to retain the most deserving candidates for the interest of the organisation. Training And Personnel Development: With the swift-paced world, the growth in technology has been fast. The latest developments should be embedded with the employee's skills to expect better productivity from them. Constant training programs and personnel development sessions are mandatory for the growth of the organisation in the long run.  Legal Matters: There are many laws regarding labour unions and their work. To keep at par the legal formalities, the human resource department is assigned the judicial custody of the company. Lawyers and attorneys are hired in multinational companies to handle crises leading to the instability of a company. Legal matters are quite crucial in obtaining a clean image of the company.  Protection Of Human Rights: This is the other side of the coin, the employee’s rights are protected by the human resources team. It is only a human resource team that decides to what extent a human right should be exercised or curtailed. The handbook of all human rights and their violations is judged impartially by the human resources.   Transportation And Fooding: The human resource department is responsible to help employees come to the company at the scheduled time as well as depart after working hours. Food breaks in factories where a large number of labourers are involved are provided to give refreshments and recreation for better output of work.   Employee Satisfaction: This is an important aspect ruling almost all companies in India. The satisfaction of employees plays a major role in the duration of stay or tenure of work in the company. Apart from the regular benefits, an employee needs some productive time to relax from the monotonous routine of company work. Extra-curricular activities are organised to help the employee feel relaxed and homely. Hassle-Free Taxation: During the annual return filing of tax on the basis of income, several agencies and technologies are put together to generate a smooth tax-paying service. It might involve boring documentation procedures and mathematical calculations. These unnecessary headaches are handled neatly by the human resources as they are well-adept in these processes.    The role and involvement of human resource has always been fascinating and challenging too. In recent days, a trend has been seen in the hiring of employment consultancy in Mumbai for taking care of such roles. But little does it matter as the input and concern of the human resource team is always an important contribution to the organisation's work. Hire the best human resources or consultancy for a long-time outcome of a good and healthy working environment. Because only an active human resource team can ensure the desired functioning of a company. Placement Services Are A Big Boon For Society Tue, 15 Feb 2022 15:04:06 +0530 Placement services are those types of agencies that offer help to eligible candidates to find placement in various industries and companies as per their educational qualifications if they are newcomers. And if they already have that experience that is required then they can find better opportunities. That is exactly what some Domestic Placement Services in Mumbai offer to their clients.     What The Placement Agency Does? Placement agencies are there to help customers find suitable jobs according to their profiles. When a Domestic Placement Service providing agency is approached, they help by giving recruitment to people. Now, what is the meaning of recruitment?  Recruitment simply refers to that procedure where a member or a Human Resource manager or employee starts the process by first identifying the suitable candidates and shortlisting them. They are then screened and interviewed for the job. If they are found to be suitable they are then referred to bigger companies or industries in search of such candidates. But for this process, the person at the placement agency who is tasked with doing the job has to be qualified himself to understand the capacity of the person. These people generally work under an organisation that is connected to bigger organisations that need employees on a bigger scale.     The Process Of Selection At the placement service office, the job is analysed and they at that level scrutinise the candidates’ CVs. If they find suitable candidates as the job requires, they are informed. The candidates’ skills, knowledge and abilities are judged. This is enough to give all the information regarding the person concerned. This is adequate for a company to understand the preliminary details of the candidate. The screening process involves picking and interviewing the right candidate. This is how the right candidate is placed.     Sourcing Of Candidates Sourcing means getting the right candidate for the job. This is often done by means of attracting the candidate for the job so that he comes for the interview. It is often done by means of advertisements.  The recruiting advertisement can be done internally or externally. This advertisement is done on various job portals and newspapers. And today with the immense benefits of the internet it is done on various social media, special recruiting media, business media, window advertisements, publications, job centres and the various other ways on the internet. This is often done by the business houses themselves.  But again they turn to the various recruiting houses or Domestic Placement Services in Mumbai. This is because these placement agencies have all the facilities to provide candidates.  They are equipped to source candidates who are very well placed in previous places or even the newer candidates who are highly qualified. That is why most business houses today turn to Placement Services.      Challenges Faced By Placement Services   But it is not that these Placement Services do not have their own share of problems. Sometimes they find hindrances in the form of refusal from candidates. Sometimes candidates are secure in their current jobs and they do not want a change. At other times big companies directly go to the colleges and universities to recruit the suitable candidates who are actually the cream of the batch. So the Placement Services are left with candidates who are the second best. They always do not get what they would like to. But yet they make do with the best that is leftover from the lot of the batch. Again the big companies sometimes have their own programmes of recruitment. Since they are big business houses, they always tend to get the best and the Placement Services are left with the second best.     Rewards Of Placement Services Some Domestic Placement Services in Mumbai serve companies that are just new start-ups and the mid-level companies. It is because they too are left with the second best companies. But whatever the type of candidates that they refer to the various companies, they certainly get a reward at the end of their hard work. The reward is always in the form of money that they receive from the big companies that they refer to and also from the candidates who take the benefit from them. This is not just a reward, it is the money that they get for the laborious job they do to match employers to employees.      Conclusion This has to be appropriate so that they feel motivated to get the job done. This is a very difficult job which at a glance seems very easy but actually is a very tough job. Matching candidates seems a very difficult thing because it is not always that one comes across the appropriate candidate. Important Things To Consider When Hiring A Recruitment Agency Fri, 27 May 2022 10:48:43 +0530 Hiring the proper individuals is no less difficult than finding a good position, and organisations need the services of a recruitment agency to overcome this difficulty. These firms can streamline the search for qualified applicants and close positions in the lowest amount of time. All of this, however, is only possible if you have hired the correct Recruitment agency. So, let's have a look at 5 things to consider before hiring the Best Recruitment Agency in India:     Your Staffing Requirement -    It is critical to thoroughly examine your workforce requirements before approaching any recruiting firm. You must know what kind of personnel or employees you are searching for, whether permanent, temporary, or on a contract basis. Furthermore, consider the types of individuals that would not only be ideal for the job vacancy but would also fit in with your company culture, and make a checklist of the elements. Once you have identified these characteristics, it will be simple to narrow down the recruiting agency that would best meet your demands.   Payment Process -   Payment, being one of the most important factors for employers, should always be negotiated in advance before using any recruiting agency. While some recruiting services may ask for a portion of the employee's pay that they have recruited, many will charge you a retainer fee. More than learning about their payments, it is crucial to examine what will happen if the person they have hired is not functioning as expected or decides to quit your company before a set amount of time. Before hiring the agency, go through all of these details.   Experience In Your Industry -    Before selecting a recruiting agency to meet your company's workforce needs, conduct brief research of the agency to see what industries they specialise in. If you are searching for workers with expertise and understanding of your sector, whether it is manufacturing, engineering, accounting, or energy, a recruiting firm that specialises in your area will be able to better understand your recruitment needs and do better applicant screening. You may also analyse how many positions they have filled in other areas such as accounting, marketing, information technology, education, legal, or administrative, to learn more about their experience and how well they can meet your staffing needs.   Training Process -    The majority of organisations who hire recruiting agencies prefer that the agency also handle the candidate's education. However, not every recruiting agency teaches applicants, and if they do, they charge an additional cost. If you intend to have a skilled employee hired at your organisation by the agency, plan ahead of time. Be explicit about the training procedure, whether they are teaching the hired person or you are paying for further training.   Reference Checking -    References are quite important in the employment process. They contribute to the candidate's credibility. Before you choose a recruiting agency, be sure that the organisation agrees to verify with recommendations while screening prospects. Before you employ the agency, establish how and when they intend to verify references, whether at the outset, throughout the screening process, or just after they have shortlisted the prospects.     If you are looking for a Top Placement Agency in India, make sure you have evaluated all factors before making your final decision. The agency you select will be in charge of hiring employees for your firm. Payroll Staffing Services: A Gateway For Smooth Business Mon, 30 May 2022 11:28:08 +0530 Introduction   Understanding human behavior has always been a complicated topic. In this era of the digital revolution, many business houses prioritise their employee's satisfaction. After all, a happy employee is many times productive than other employees. Current day, there is no dearth to find new jobs, so retaining good employees has been a challenge for many. Hiring payroll staffing consultant is a valuable investment that can come back with unexpected returns. There are many plus points in engaging a team of payroll staffing consultant which have been detailed in the sections below.   Who Are Payroll Staffing Consultant?     These are a group of individuals working to maintain the earnings of each employee with respect to their attendance, leaves, over-times, and other provisions. This is controlled by payroll software designed as per the company's needs and requirements. They are responsible for crediting the monthly salary to every employee’s account at the end of a month. Also, they are responsible to keep a track of the bonus, appraisals, new recruits remunerations, and related areas. They act as an intermediate player between the employer and the employee by providing some vital services.   Why Payroll Staffing Consultant?     As the time changed from merely running a factory and providing wages, to corporate and multinational business giants, so had the payroll process. Keeping at par with the technology has been a need of the hour, payroll has become a mandate in the recent business models. It not only helps the employees but paves a path to long-term automated services that otherwise could have been quite cumbersome to handle.   Advantages Of Hiring Payroll Staffing  Consultant     There are many benefits of hiring a payroll staffing  consultant team. They tend to take the additional work of providing answers to the concerns of employees. This is handled tactfully and in a friendly manner that helps in rooting the faith of employees in the organization. Though it may seem less tedious and complex, there are many unseen hurdles in this segment. An allocation of payroll management to capable teams drives away the stress.     Robust Financial Services:    Payroll staffing consultant are solely software-based for operating and handling the employee's financial needs. Right from the salary, leaves, yearly incentives, additional perks, medical benefits, tax consultation, and many more. They provide the facility to download the salary slips as and when needed. All income tax submissions are handled with easy filling procedures. Overall they maintain a strong backup team to handle any financial challenges of the employees.   Accuracy In Record Maintenance:    With digital data storage methods, the employee records have been safe and readily available as and when required. The failure or miscommunications through verbal communication channels can be avoided. The data of an employee is facilitated for self-assessment and queries through proper procedures. Hence, the disappointment of employees regarding incorrect data is easily overcome.   Time Saving Investment:   Undoubtedly, payroll software saves a lot of time as compared to manual means. Storing information in registers, and related paper works are quite boring and subject to errors. Also, the retrieval process is time-consuming and an uphill task. The old paper records many times get infested resulting in huge loss of information about the whereabouts of employees. Thus, the payroll software is a boon to the company management.   Smooth Running Of Business:    Having less concern for one's financial needs and queries, the employees focus on their work. With employee satisfaction comes improvised efficiency that leads to higher productivity. Happy employees make a great workplace and culture too. This ultimately results in an overflow of candidates willing to join the bandwagon. Thus, a smooth running of a business can be expected with payroll staffing.   Employees Needs Fulfilled With Zero Hassles:    Gone are the days when employees lined up for their queries. Now, the payroll services provide relevant information to the employees through software applications. Queries related to taxation, leaves, other perks provided by the company are rightly acknowledged and delivered. All delays due to manpower operations can be handled best by the team of payroll staffing.    Bottom Line:     The best performing businesses in the market are the ones with a great workforce. It has been a time-tested theory that a company can flourish in the path of growth and prosperity if the subordinates are given adequate support and empowerment. To speak of a collective team is worth the effort when we tend to get the best results. There are many major Payroll Staffing Consultant in India, focused on delivering the best solutions to financial glitches. Hiring a team that can prove fruitful in the long run will guide a company or organization to newer heights. How Should You Hire Authentic Technical Staff? Wed, 15 Jun 2022 14:38:32 +0530 Technical staff are professionals who provide a different range of support and assistance to an organisation's technological department. They provide internal technical support and technical expertise for various departments. These technical staff configure, maintain, and install the technical equipment and system as per the company's requirements. Technical staff are experienced enough to maintain and configure the technical equipment.    Qualification of Technical Staffs   Maximum experienced and qualified technical staff have bachelor's degrees in IT and programming. These technical staff is highly organised and skilled enough to maintain an organisation's technical work. They have hands-on experience installing and maintaining technical equipment support for various purposes.    Skilled technical staff can support an organisation's technical issues and other technical problems. Bachelor of engineering, master of engineering, bachelor of information technology, and master of information technology is the essential qualification of the technical staff.   Job Description of Technical Staff   Technical support workers manage, maintain, and repair the IT support system to diagnose and repair the network issue and configure the hardware and software. Professional technical staff solve different network issues and software programming problems with their knowledge and experience.    It can help enormous business organisations to do well in their business. Popular multinational IT firms hire qualified and experienced technical staff for server configuration and networking purposes. Technical staff suppliers in India always try to provide the best quality technical staff for different organisations.   Responsibilities of Technical Support   The unique responsibilities of the technical support staff of an organisation are as follows-   The technical staff identifies the hardware and software problems and solves the problems. Diagnose the technical issues, repair the faults, and complete the technical problems. Software installation and configuration are the essential responsibility of technical staff. Professional technical staff can understand the network problems and fix the problems as per the criteria. Professional and experienced technical staff contact the customers directly and try to solve the problems as early as possible. Experienced technical staff can understand the exact time of replacing and repairing any technical part of the network. But it is essential to ensure all electrical safety while dealing with technical equipment.   Essential Certificate of the Technical Staffs Experienced and professional technical staff must have the following certificate to perform the complicated technical problems of any organisation.   Certification in Linux, Microsoft is essential Computer science and information technology are essential criteria of professional technical staff. The technical staff must have experience in desktop and laptop handling processes.  If the technical staff has excellent interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and verbal and written communication skills, it can drastically help the business organisation.   The Hiring Process of Technical Staffs   As a recruiter or HR, you should understand the job requirement of the organisation and try to consult with an experienced tech expert who can understand your goal and recommend you to choose the right technical platform and support for your business.    If you are a recruiter or HR, try to bring more technical resources to hire experienced and qualified technical staff as per the business requirement. Put your experienced team to identify the best and qualified technical staff. Always aware of the skilled expertise for a particular programming language. It can help you to select the correct technically experienced staff.   Attraction Process to Hire the Right Tech Talent   Technical staff recruitment is a unique process that helps the business organisation select the best technical staff for an organisation.   It is essential to use the proper job title to convey the employee's best job description. An incorrect job title leads to great confusion for the technical staff.  It is essential to avoid unimportant information to attract experienced and qualified technical staff. You can create a link for the applicants where they can see the job role perfectly. It can help the technical staff to understand and perform their duties perfectly. Mention your companies' benefits and essential features that offer unique facilities to the technical staff for their progress.   Benefits of Hiring Technical Staffs Technical staff is the assets of any business organisation. Without proper technical support, any business organisation cannot progress properly. It is essential to hire professional and experienced technical staff s for the business organisation. Many recruitment companies and HR professionals support the business organisation to select the best technical staff. Technical staff can drastically improve any business organisation's quality and working pattern.   You can search on the internet to select the resume of the professional technical staff from a renowned job portal. It can help you drastically. Technical staff is the real asset of any organisation. What Do You Mean By Recruitment? Sat, 25 Jun 2022 10:45:16 +0530 Recruitment is a process that consists of finding, screening, hiring and eventually recruiting candidates for the job that they have applied for. This process is carried out to satisfy a need for the organization. The need is identified by the organization’s leadership and articulated in an appropriate format.   Recruitment can be divided into two stages, recruitment and selection.    ● The first stage is called recruitment and it can be further divided into four stages, pre-recruitment (identifying and assessing the candidate), recruitment (interviewing the candidates), selection (hiring and final candidate evaluation), and onboarding.    ● Recruitment, selection, and onboarding is a process where the candidate is selected for the position and then trained and prepared to commence the position.   Job candidates are hired because of their qualifications (technical skills, professional qualifications, interpersonal skills, etc.). In addition to the candidate’s qualifications (and qualifications alone will never be sufficient in recruiting), it is the candidates’ willingness to comply with the recruitment processes, as well as the companies’ willingness to make them part of the recruitment process. In the recruitment process, three different things may happen.   What are Recruitment Services?   Staffing and recruiting services are made up of individuals or firms that provide workers for companies. These services are typically contracted or hired by businesses. The staffing and recruiting business must find workers to fill jobs that a business has. Recruiting Agencies to work both in the domestic and international markets. They provide workers to companies with hiring needs. The agency finds these workers, trains them, and then places them with clients. In today's society, businesses hire workers by advertising and hiring through recruitment agencies, and then the job is usually handled by the agency.   Meaning of Manufacturing Industry   The manufacturing industry is one of the oldest industries on the planet. It is one of the most established and has been responsible for the production of a wide array of goods, which include clothing and textiles, food, steel, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Textiles, construction, automobiles and machinery, healthcare, and agriculture, which are all manufacturing industries, are also major contributors to GDP. The manufacturing industries are those industries that transform goods, which are goods that are made in a factory or workshop.    These industries are in the service sector. Manufacturing industries produce tangible products for consumers, which are sold, such as clothing, food, and furniture. It is the process of transforming raw materials into finished goods and includes the processing of raw materials. It also involves the assembly, packaging, and distribution of finished goods. It includes the production of intermediate goods that are to be further processed or assembled into finished goods.   Recruitment Services in Manufacturing Industry   It is a sector that has been and continues to be, one of the largest and most powerful drivers of the economy. This is why there are many people in the government trying to support or reduce its influence on the economy. A well-developed manufacturing sector is a crucial foundation for a vibrant economy.    The growth in this sector has been impressive and is predicted to continue to grow over the next ten years due to increased demand for services from the public. The sector is also highly dynamic with the emergence of new technology and the growing demand for the development of products and services. Industries include food (i.e. fruit and vegetable juice concentrates), health care (i.e. the health and hygiene segment), automotive, aerospace, textile, and pharmaceutical. The recent developments in robotics and nanotechnology have created opportunities for the development of new products in the sector.   The various post for which candidates are recruited in the manufacturing industry are as follows:   ● Operation Manager   It is the responsibility of the operations manager to ensure that all processes are carried out correctly, that there is no misuse of resources and that production levels are optimized.   ● Engineers   The process of designing and manufacturing products was largely done by engineers who understood the physical properties of the product and its components. This required a certain level of mechanical skills that could only be learned through many years of experience.   ● Buyers and Purchasing Managers   Today, buyers buy the materials they need to make products. Buyers select purchasing managers who find the materials they want at the best prices and negotiate for the best terms for the purchase.    ● Assemblers and Fabricators   Tools are used in manufacturing processes to make sure that the products meet the specifications. For example, in a metal fabrication plant, we can have automated tools and manual tools. Automated tools are used for repetitive tasks that can be done by a robot, such as welding, pressing, and drilling. The Growing Need for Deploying The Reliable Technical Staff Wed, 31 Aug 2022 15:09:44 +0530 We are dwellers of the era where remarkable advancement in the sector of technology has taken place which as result has paved the way for the penetration of certain machines, processes, and technological gadgets in the day-to-day courses of life. However, to operate them dire need of skilled and well-qualified personnel are required which is also known as technical staff. Demand for Technical Contributions   To carry out the projects in the most convenient and time-saving manner the recruitment of the technical staff is a must as they assure you of the best possible efficiency with the higher-grade work performance. Countless industries, telecoms, transportation, and the petrochemical sector needs the well apprenticed and experienced staff to carry on their businesses, and filtering the suitable candidates is a tough job in itself.     However, there are certain agencies providing technical staff employment services around the country at the desired time without any delays. One can easily avail of their services and trust the staff they provide for the respected maintenance, repair, management, diagnosing the fault, and even the main course work.     Handing over this subtle work to an unprofessional can sabotage the whole project and one must abstain from taking these risks. This in result peaks the demand of the technical staff in almost all workspaces.     Along with this, there are certain jobs that require manpower and machines can certainly not replace them. Anyhow, finding suitable people to perform the job is again a headache. Anyhow, one can look after the finest manpower supply services in Mumbai to shed off the burden on their shoulders, not to mention that they supply the best services across the country.   Advantages Of Opting For the Agencies For Recruitments   There are numerous benefits of dealing with the technical staff recruitment agency in Mumbai and some of them are certainly mentioned below:    Reliable Work Assurance: As one certainly might not have the optimum skills for filtering the deserving candidates, these companies have expertise in selecting the suitable and best-performing personnel for the job and get closer to working perfectly with projects. So, one can blindly trust the agencies with their work and avail of the creamy technical staff of the market. Time-saving: Another significant benefit of the same is that they can recruit the technical staff in no time as they all-time work on the same. On the other hand if one requires to do the same on their own then it will be a lengthy process and can also probably make you land for the unfit staff due to lack of experience. Cost-effective: As no special setup is required to be formed for the filtration one saves a huge chunk of money. Not to mention one gets the top-class working staff without any compromise on quality just by contacting agencies also is a laudable financial benefit at hand. So, choose the utmost technical staff for your projects that clear all the benchmarks by peeping in for the best technical staff suppliers in India and taste the heights of success. Important Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Medical Career Wed, 23 Nov 2022 15:22:19 +0530 Treating patients is more than simply a job; it's a commitment. A future in medicine with Health Care and Medical Job Vacancies is a good fit for students who are attracted to the field. But it's crucial to take the time to think about the elements that make up this profession. A student should be able to decide if a career in medicine is the correct choice for them after considering these eight factors.   Passionate in Assisting Others -  Before beginning a career in medicine, every individual should ask themselves whether or not they would like to dedicate their lives to helping others. Students should be committed to making an impact in this way since medicine is focused on saving lives. Students who desire to improve the lives of others might consider careers in service-oriented industries like medicine. However, not everybody feels the urge to give back to the community in this way. Students must therefore first take some time to examine whether a healthcare career is the right choice for them.   Education -  The medical industry requires a high level of education to enter. The time it takes to become learned enough to acquire a post must be taken into consideration, with the average length of time a student spends in education and fellowships becoming a doctor averaging 14 years, as well as other positions lasting between six and eight years. Students who desire to specialise frequently wait until they are in their 30s to start working as certified professionals. Even though, these experts must keep learning to adapt their practices to the latest technological developments.   Earnings -  One of the key considerations for students deciding whether to pursue a career in medicine is frequently salary. It is simple to understand why given that most employers offer sizable incomes. While other specialisations can earn more, especially at the beginning of their careers, surgeons and doctors can readily earn a significant sum of money. But some things affect a doctor's, plastic surgeon's, or other medical professional's pay. This covers a variety of factors such as the cost of living in a certain area, educational attainment, accreditation, licensure, prior work experience, and more. It's also crucial to keep in mind that many students graduate with debt, which means that a sizeable portion of their wage may be used to settle that loan.   Lifestyle -  All healthcare experts lead hectic, stressful lives and frequently experience job overload. The life of a medical practitioner is not without difficulties, from doctors being on call around-the-clock to surgeons and nurses planning and performing surgeries to technicians making sure medical advances are accurate.   Teamwork Scenarios -  Teamwork is essential to succeeding as a specialist in the medical industry. Each healthcare worker in a hospital, clinic or other facility is an important and respected member of the team that saves lives. This means that pupils should seriously consider whether or not they wish to be a team member. A job in healthcare is not for the independent worker because collaboration with others is essential and medical personnel need to get along with their coworkers to save lives. Health Care and Medical Job Vacancies are both demanding and rewarding. Students will discover that their field has a lot to offer them in terms of their personal and professional growth. However, research is required to see whether this is a good fit for a student, thus reflection is required before continuing. How Does A Recruitment Agency Operate? Wed, 22 Feb 2023 17:13:22 +0530 A recruitment agency is an outside organisation that goes and finds suitable candidates for prospective employers. It is very easy to confuse a recruitment agency and an employing agency; they are different.    If you get a job through a recruitment agency, you work under an employer. But if you acquire a job via an employment agency, then you become an employee of the employment agency.    How Does A Recruitment Agency Assist An Employer? The process of recruiting people is a time-consuming exercise. Several companies really struggle to manage time and acquire the right employees. An employer has to meticulously go through a whole hoard of applications before he selects the right person. Thus, the recruitment process is elaborate and time-consuming.    There is an agency which fulfils all these specific needs and is the Best Recruitment Agency in India. These agencies assist employers and save valuable time in finding the right people. A recruitment agency does the bulk of the employer's work so that they can focus on the interviewing process. The computer and IT industry rely heavily on recruitment agencies to hire people.    What Is The Actual Function Of A Recruitment Agency? The agencies first get a list of vacancies from the employers. They follow this up by placing adverts on the internet, job boards and other places. The agencies are constantly on the lookout for new CVs that get uploaded on the job boards.   When you look at an internet job board, you will hardly see the name of any company hiring employees. This is primarily because the agencies are apprehensive about not getting reimbursed properly. Certain agencies will edit a CV and then send it to the employer. The agency does this to prevent the employer from contacting the candidate directly and bypassing the agency. The agencies will not change your CV's content without your prior permission.   Why Opt For A Recruitment Agency? If you are searching for senior jobs, apply through the Best Recruitment Agency in India. They get a hold of tricky employers that are impossible to catch via a direct application.    They have the necessary experience working with delinquent employers and are a great help. A successful recruiting agency avoids constraints and performs the crucial role of hiring the right people.   How Do You Select The Right Agency? You should check out various online reviews and people's opinions before choosing an agency. You can avoid this process if the agency has an exclusive contract with the employer. This single agency performs all the recruitment and all applications are submitted through that particular agency.    You should keep track of the companies you have applied to through your chosen agency. It would help if you chose an agency that is a "preferred supplier".    It is an agency with a financial contract with an employer who will consider your application. An agency gets paid for every candidate they manage to put forward successfully.    A diligent team of workers in a reputed agency work tirelessly to verify and hire skilled and efficient candidates successfully.